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Life Insurance

Your Financial Journey

Your Financial Journey

In planning your financial journey, you have ...

  • Determined when an event may occur and what financial resources it may require. 
  • Established an appropriate action plan to help accumulate those resources during the time available.

There are other events that present unique risk because you do not know when they will occur.

Death ... A Significant Financial Risk
Your death or the death of your spouse presents significant financial risk to survivors.

Death Does Not Eliminate...
Continuing financial needs of surviving family members and business associates. That need may actually be increased due to final expense.

Death Does Eliminate...
The means with which to achieve those financial needs.
The time with which to achieve those financial needs.

Risk Management
Unlike other financial risks, death cannot be predicted. We can, however, define this risk in financial terms.

Survivorship Income  Immediate Expenses Education Funding Debt Repayment

As a result, we can identify methods of transferring this financial risk to another party.

The Client Transfers Risks to The Insurance Organization
Has enormous financial burden Drastically reduces the cost
Has unknown preparation time  Provides controlled manageable expense

What is Your Earning Power Worth?
Here’s how much you’ll earn until retirement assuming no pay raises.*

Current Monthly Salary
Age $2,000 $5,000 $8,000
25 960,000 2,400,000 3,840,000
30 840,000 2,100,000  3,360,000
35 720,000 1,800,000 2,880,000
40 600,000   1,500,000   2,400,000
45 480,000  1,200,000  1,920,000
50 360,000 900,000    1,440,000
55  240,000   600,000 960,000

*Assumes retirement at age 65.

How much will your survivors need?

If you don’t have time to complete your financial journey...

Life insurance is a vehicle that can...
· Allow you to transfer the risk to a life insurance company.
· Help assure that your plan is self-completing.

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