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Long Term Care Insurance - Protecting Your Assets

There is a way to protect your assets and your lifestyle.

Long Term Care Insurance helps preserve your lifetime of accumulated savings and assets, and your lifestyle. It also ensures that you will have the choices you need to continue living your life on your own terms.

It provides substantial daily cash benefits for care in private and government facilities, or even at home. There are many plans to choose from, and it’s easy to qualify.

As comprehensive as our Canadian health care system is , it simply cannot provide all the options and flexibility you may need if you face a long term care situation. Long Term Care Insurance is an affordable solution that provides you with options, while preserving your assets.

Protecting your assets with Long Term Care

You’re planning for what you want...

  • Education
  • Wealth Building
  • Dreams
  • Retirement

And you’re counting on your growing assets...

But one serious illness or accident during your earning years of after retirement can change all that.

The costs can quickly consume a lifetime of earnings.


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