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Investment Loans

Leveraging is a legitimate financial security planning strategy and, as with all applications of an idea, can be used correctly or incorrectly. Used properly, leveraging benefits all stakeholders. Improper use has risks for everyone.

When used appropriately, and given the right market conditions, leveraging can accelerate growth in net worth. This can help clients achieve their personal goals.

When recommended inappropriately, clients may be exposed to risks they cannot financially handle should they suffer the negative effects associated with market downturns, including the potential for significant declines in account or contract values.

Leveraging is a valuable financial security strategy to accelerate the accumulation of wealth, but only when it is consistent with clients needs and investment risk tolerance, and when recommended to those with ample time for the strategy to provide reasonable likelihood of success.

Leveraging is appropriate for a portion of the equity allocation within a portfolio. As a result, more aggressive clients are generally able to accept the risk associated with leveraging where conservative clients are not.

How does the investment line of credit work?

  • Use someone else's money so you can start with a larger pool of money.
  • Interest only loan (current variable rate for $100,000 is approx. $340.00 per month)
  • Invested capital has a 100% death benefit Guarantee.
  • Invested capital has a 75-100% maturity Guarantee.
  • Interest charged on investment loan may be tax deductible.
  • Tax-free capital
  • One may choose to pay down the loan at any time.
  • No margin calls.

There are many factors to consider when using this strategy to invest. Maturity and death benefit guarantees will vary when the investor starts investing at age 70 or more.

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