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FAQ for Dental & Health Insurance

Q. What are my options if I already have group coverage at work but will be leaving this job or retiring soon?

There is a great program for you on the market. This health plan is specially designed for clients who are leaving their group health plan behind - any group plan - wether through career change, retirement or job loss. Acceptance is guaranteed without completion of a medical questionnaire as long as their application is received within 60 days of their group coverage ending.

Any client whose group health coverage has recently ended or will soon end. (Application must be received within 60 days of group benefits ending.)

Q. If I sign up for one of the Health and Dental plans, when can I start making claims?

Once you have been approved and the first monthly payment has been made, you are entitled to start making claims. Basically, there is no delay or waiting period to start making claims. Each contract will have its terms and conditions along with maximum payouts.

Q. How come my group insurance premiums are so expensive?

The law in Quebec states that if you are not on any group insurance plan you are obliged to sign up to their public plan, "the RAMQ". The RAMQ will cover all participants on prescription drugs up to 80% on eligible drugs. There is an annual cost to be on the "RAMQ" plan and this cost will fluctuate annually and it can be for individual or family plans. The costs for an individual can be $400 - $500 and even more for a family plan.

For someone who is on a group plan, they will pay the insurance company for the cost of the RAMQ as they are the ones insuring your prescription drugs. So, you have to consider that you are saving the fee the RAMQ would have charged you if you did not have a group insurance.

Also, the average age of the group of individuals insured will play a role in the price as well as the choices and limits of coverage available on the group plan.


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