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Critical Illness Insurance - Canadian Statistics

Consider the statistics:
Canadians have a greater chance of having at least one occurrence of heart attack, stroke, or being diagnosed with cancer than dying before the age of 75.

Source: Compiled by Canada Life based upon Canadian Institute for Health Information 1999/2000 Hospital Morbidity Data; Cancer  Statistics: Canadian Society 2001; Mortality: Statistics Canada, Life Tables : 1995-1997

Critical illness claims by illness

Source: Munich Re’s 2008 Individual Insurance Survey

The statistics provided above have been developed by Munich Re from a number of sources. They are provided for general information only.

Canadian Statistics

Heart Attack
*From the Heart and Stroke Foundation

  • 1 in 4 Canadians will contract some form of heart disease
  • 75,000 Canadians suffer heart attacks each year
  • Heart disease costs the Canadian economy approximately $19 billion every year in medical services, hospitalization expenses, loss of income and loss of productivity
  • The rate of death among patients hospitalized for heart attacks has been decreased by half, from 16% to 8%
  • 1 in 2 heart attack victims is under age 65

*From the Heart and Stroke Foundation

  • 50,000 Canadians suffer a stroke each year
  • 75% survive the initial event
  • Strokes are the leading cause of neurological disability
  • 1/3 of stroke victims are under the age of 65
  • 60% of stroke victims will be left with a disability

Multiple Sclerosis
*From the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

  • More than 50,000 Canadians have Multiple Sclerosis
  • MS is the most common neurological disease among young Canadians
  • Canadians have one of the highest rates of MS in the world.
  • Women are twice as likely to develop MS as men

Parkinson’s Disease
*From the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation of Canada

  • 30% of all Parkinson’s patients are under 50
  • 20% of all Parkinson’s patients are under 40
  • There are approximately 80,000-100,000 Canadians suffering from Parkinson’s

*From the National Spinal Cord Injury Association of Canada

  • There are an estimated 900 Canadians who sustain a spinal cord injury each year
  • More than 30,000 Canadians suffer from paralysis of 2 or more limbs
  • Most persons who suffer spinal cord injury are between 16 and 30 years of age
  • The most common causes of spinal cord injury are car collisions and falls

*From the Canadian Cancer Society

  • More than 130,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer this year
  • Over 60,000 people in Canada will die this year from the disease
  • 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2.5 men will develop cancer in their lifetime

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
*From the heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario/Canada

  • Bypass surgery is performed more on men than on women by a ratio of nearly 4 to 1
  • There are approximately 11,000 bypass surgeries performed in Canada each year
  • The rate at which bypass surgery is performed on people age 65 and older has increased

Alzheimer Disease
*From the Canadian Alzheimer Society

  • Alzheimer’s Disease is the fourth leading cause of death in Canada
  • Every year approximately 10,000 Canadians die from Alzheimer’s disease
  • There are approximately 22,000 people in Metro Toronto with Alzheimer’s
  • Approximately 1 in 100 Canadians suffer from Alzheimer’s
  • The disease occurs in 8% of the general population of 60

Kidney Failure
*From the Kidney Foundation of Canada

  • Kidney disease is ranked sixth among diseases causing death in Canada
  • Each day an average of 8 Canadians learn that their kidneys have failed
  • Approximately 2000 Canadians are on a waiting list for kidney transplant
  • 351 kidney transplants were performed in Ontario in 1995
  • 1 in 10 will develop kidney stones at some point in their lives

*From the Canadian Hearing Society

  • 280,000 Canadians are deaf
  • 1,120,000 Canadians are hard of hearing
  • 1,400,000 do not use amplification
  • There are more than 2,800,000 Canadians with hearing loss

Occupational HIV
*From the Canadian Aids Society

  • Approximately 4.4 million health care workers suffer 800,000 needle sticks and other injuries from sharp objects annually
  • An estimated 16,000 of these objects are contaminated with HIV
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