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Critical Illness Insurance - Cost of Recovery

View our Real Life Examples:
Montreal Gazette - Cost of Recovery - What if you get sick - PDF

Expenses related to illness and recovery

  • Housekeeping, child care, counselling, meal preparation, etc.
  • Non-covered treatments, physiotherapy, specialized procedures, prosthetics, home care, out-of country treatment, speech therapy, etc.

Expenses related to changes in lifestyle

  • Dietician consultations
  • Alternative therapies (naturopaths)
  • Gym/Health Club membership
  • Home remodelling or relocation
  • Retraining for career change
  • Taking a break

Expenses related to personal finance

  • Lost income vs. Monthly household bills
  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Car payments
  • Maintain savings and insurance plans

Expenses related to business

  • Staff replacement
  • On-going business expenses
  • Maintain loan payments
  • Maintain cash flow


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