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Welcome to Quattro Insurance Solutions

We care about your family's financial security
As an authorized broker we represent all the major life insurance companies in Canada. As a broker, we have access to the best products and services at the best prices offered by the major Life Insurance Companies.

Doing business with us means that you have given us the right to act as intermediaries between you and the Life Insurance Company. It is important that you realize that your premiums and investments are paid directly to the insurance company, making you a client of the Life Insurance Company directly. In essence we act as servicing agents on your policies providing the best advice and service. We receive commissions that are paid to us directly from the Life Insurance Companies where we place your business.


Why Choose Us

We put together the RIGHT insurance solutions to best meet your needs
We do not want to "only" give you an insurance quote. Anyone can simply give out an insurance quote, we want to provide you with the advice you deserve. We want to introduce and explain the various types of insurance products that are available to meet and protect your needs.

Once we have determined the need at hand, we pride ourselves in putting together the right insurance solutions to best satisfy that need. It is important to understand that most brokers have access to the same products at the same prices but we differentiate ourselves in representing ALL the major life insurance companies and, as such, being able to help you meet and protect your needs by using the RIGHT solutions and not limiting you to one of many solutions. We are fair. Our success rate proves that.

Many individuals may have insurance products in place, but they may have the wrong product or solution for their situation. Having the wrong product means you may be overpaying for your coverage!

We want you to take the time to e-mail your questions or concerns. Or simply call 514.461.2160 to have your questions answered. It can save you a large amount of money.

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